Support for the Fracking Ban Bill (SB 237)

From the Environment Committee public hearing:

Senator Meyer, Representative Gentile, and distinguished members of the Environment Committee,

Thank you for the opportunity to provide testimony in support of SB 237, An Act Prohibiting the Storage or Disposal of Fracking Waste in Connecticut. I’m glad to see your committee participating in the national dialog about energy usage and the environmental and economic costs associated with hydraulic fracturing.

This issue is not a hypothetical one: natural gas is an important part of the state’s revised energy policy, but it’s important to consider the comprehensive costs associated with this energy source to ensure that Connecticut pursues the best strategy to meet our needs in a sustainable way. Ultimately, I believe that the cheapest energy will also be the best for us, as long as the costs to health, environmental stability, and future treatment and cleanup are not left out of the equation. With so much unknown, even about the contents of the chemicals being utilized, establishing a moratorium on this waste is entirely appropriate.

Advancing on this and the related concepts before you will demonstrate Connecticut’s leadership in fracking policy and lay the groundwork for a future comprehensive strategy in collaboration with neighboring states or at the federal level. This is an approach that has worked productively with greenhouse gases via the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and I hope that we can continue to work with like-minded states to continue towards the goal of a sustainable energy economy. Please support SB 237 for passage in this session.